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Fashion Design Professional Diploma.

Diploma Overview:

The fashion industry is an exciting, interesting and new world that’s gaining more and more importance in our lives. Fashion design is more than just having good ideas and making fabulous dresses, it’s an art and a study that requires more than just raw talent. At career gates we guide you through your fashion journey making sure you acquire and perfect all the basic and vital skills to help you become your own fashion icon.

This diploma provides an introduction to the principles of fashion design, we’ll introduce you to the different types of fabrics, you’ll learn how to get inspired and be creative in allowing your ideas to flow naturally. We will brief you on the fashion industry and the industrial garment making as well as the fashion history.

Why Career Gates Fashion Diploma?

Instructors bring a plethora of knowledge, practice, and applicable work experience to the classroom and coach participants to develop and improve their knowledge, skills and techniques as fashion design professionals. They will learn vital skills for fashion drawing, design, pattern making, and sewing.

General Learning Outcomes:

The diploma is designed to build participants’ fashion drawing, design and illustration skills, using various rendering mediums and enhanced techniques. You will learn how to find inspiration, build their design ideas, and professionally layout a portfolio to communicate a design theme or story for a collection of their own. You will also learn the skills and techniques required to turn your own designs into reality on your own.

The diploma consists of four courses that guide you through the process, starting with the fashion drawing to the fashion design, and moving on to the pattern making and sewing:

Adobe Photoshop (32 hrs.):

In Photoshop illustrator, will teach you how to draw flat sketches, fill them with color & fabric prints, assemble presentation boards etc. Will take those skills even further, teaching how to create seamless pattern swatches, custom brushes for trim & stitching etc., and apply shading and other effects to your fashion sketches. Will teach how to scan and prepare fabrics to create a clean repeat, create textile design repeats from scratch, how to fill shapes and areas of a sketch with a pattern repeat, assemble presentation boards etc.

Fashion drawing (40 hrs.):

This course starts with the beginner level, covering all the basics of how to draw figures, shade, using different Medias. You will also learn how to sketch your figures in different poses.

Fashion designing. (60 hrs.):

This course makes you recognize the principle of design, helps you understand the color theory to be able to mix colors and create your own fashion style, utilize innovative techniques in understanding the making of the mood board, and how to dress each character in different occasion and situations. Finally this course will help you develop your own portfolio that can assist you in starting your career.

Pattern making, Sewing & Draping (188 hrs. ):

Pattern Making:

  2. BASIC SKIRT with one dart front and back.
  3. Transformation of skirt: flared (flared skirt – A. line- complete with seam allowances).
  4. Taking Measurements – measurements tables ( s tables- basic bodice block.
  5. Making dress block and basic sleeve block.
  6. Making of A Shirt using the blocks and adding pocket, collar, yoke, front, packet, sleeve with cuff.
  7. Making pants block and one jean.
  8. Making Jacket block and two piece tailored sleeve.
  9. Different style of jackets : finishing the pattern in full to be stitched with lining and facing.
  10. Making overcoat Design: finishing the pattern in full to stitched with lining and facing.


  1. INTRODUCTION TO MANNEQUIN: how it works and how to care BASIC SKIRT with one dart front and back.
  2. Basic Bodice.
  3. Dress: front waist dart, American armhole, flared skirt and boat.
  4. Making fitted dress with panels.
  5. Classical Tailored Jacket.
  6. Making evening wear 1ST collection garment to be stitched in fabric.
  7. Making day wear dress.

Career Gates Insights:

Duration & Fees.


1 year . 320 Hrs. 80 Lectures
2 lectures/week - 4 hours each


Registration fees: 8,000 EGP
1st installment after 2 months: 12,000 EGP
2nd installment after 2 months: 10000 EGP


Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
Career Gates & MSA University Approved by Ministry of Higher Education (Fashion Professional Designer) .

Graduation Requirements:

A minimum attendance of 80%

Latest Fashion shows.


13 El Mesaha Street Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

33371239 - 33371227
01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

Management Dep.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Days & Hours:
Saturdays through Thursdays
10:00 am – 08:00 pm

1149 El Khalili St. Masaken Sheraton - El Nozha , Misr El Gedida. Cairo, Egypt.

01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

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