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Graphic Design Professional Diploma.

Diploma Overview:

We’re talking typography, layout and design, colour psychology, computer graphics, advanced advertising, promotional design, commercial illustration and sessional printed gift. Develop excellent design awareness, and strengthen your creative voice through this Diploma of Graphic Design.

Diploma content:

Principles of Advertising
Remember AIDA.

Every ad should strive to satisfy the AIDA principal, an acronym that stands for:

Attention: be compelling enough to grab the prospect’s attention. Use interesting headlines and eye catching design.

Interest: be interesting. Frame content in a way that makes the reader want to keep reading. Avoid clichés, jargon and meaningless buzzwords.

Desire: outline benefits of your product or service that make people want to buy. Don’t just use a laundry list of features.

Action: include a call to action, whether it’s asking prospects to call, click or come in, don’t leave any doubt that you want them to act now.

Principles of graphic design:

The principles of design describe the ways that artists use the elements of art in a work of art. Balance is the distribution of the visual weight of objects, colors, texture, and space. If the design was a scale, these elements should be balanced to make a design feel stable.

Adobe Photoshop (18 hrs.):

Arranging your workspace.
Changing color mode, bit depth, and document size.
Cropping and straightening images.
Working with layers and layer masks.
Using brushes.
Making detailed selections.
Editing images with the Content-Aware tools.
Using blend modes.
Creating Smart Objects.
Using adjustment layers to change color, tone, contrast, and saturation.
Applying filters.
Working with type and fonts.
Creating and modifying shapes.
Exporting and sharing Photoshop files.

Adobe Illustrator (18 hrs.):

Using Illustrator workspaces.
Setting up art boards and documents.
Working with layers.
Creating basic and complex shapes.
Using drawing tools.
Transforming objects.
Grouping and ungrouping objects.
Adding fills and strokes.
Using the Gradient Annotator.
Working with CMYK and RGB.
Using appearances and effects.
Working with text and type.
Using clipping masks.
Printing and exporting files.

Adobe InDesign (18 hrs.):

Creating new documents.
Adding, editing, and formatting text.
Managing pages.
Applying master pages.
Threading text frames.
Importing and editing graphics.
Working with color, transparency, and gradients.
Drawing and editing paths and frame shapes.
Scaling and transforming objects.
Applying paragraph and character styles.
Creating tables.
Building interactive documents such as interactive PDFs and EPUBS.
Packaging InDesign documents for output.
Printing and exporting.

Coloring (3 hrs. ):

Understanding why color is essential for you as an artist, designer, or human being Storytelling with color.
Understanding brand identity and color language.
Reviewing the history of color usage, from print to digital.
Working with the color wheel.
Understanding value, saturation, and temperature.
Seeing through color: opaque, translucent, and transparent.
Creating contrast.
Exploring depth of field.
Seeing complementary relationships in light.
Achieving harmony and discord in a palette.
Understanding color blindness.

Typography (3 hrs. ):

What is typography?.
Differentiating type characteristics.
Using ornamental and decorative type.
Combining typefaces.
Using contrast and scale.
Kerning and kerning pairs.
Choosing the optimum line length.
Aligning and spacing characters, words, and paragraphs.
Understanding factors affecting legibility.
Working with three-dimensional type.
Putting type in motion.

Layout and Composition (3 hrs. ):

What makes a successful layout?.
Layout elements: shape, line, color, texture, type, and space.
Using balance and tension to create a dynamic layout.
Adding drama with contrast and scale.
Working with proportions: golden section, rule of thirds, etc.
Creating the right grid for your design.
Choosing simplicity or excess.
Adding an element of surprise.
Making images and typography work together.

Printing (3 hrs. ):

Lithography and Offset Printing:
Offset lithography, or offset printing, is most frequently used for printing magazines, newsletters, tabloids and books.

Flexography is a process of printing, similar to letterpress, that uses a flexible plate. Often referred to as flexo, this printing style can be used on many materials, including paper, cellophane, plastic or metal.

Digital Printing:
Digital printing uses digital imaging printer used to print large size indoor and outdoor Ads like suites and billboards Screen Printing Screen printing is used to reproduce pictures on T-shirts, bumper stickers, posters and other materials.

Advertising (1.5 hrs. ):

Defining your audience, Crafting your message, Placing your ad, Establishing a digital, competitive, and editorial presence Working with advertising partners & Working with an ad agency

Duration & Fees.


 69 Hours / 3 Months 
Twice a week. 3 hr/class.




Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
Career Gates & MSA University Approved by Ministry of Higher Education (Fashion Professional Designer) .

Graduation Requirements:

A minimum attendance of 80%

The students must submit an advertising project to a product or a service on different media.


13 El Mesaha Street Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

33371239 - 33371227
01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

Management Dep.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Days & Hours:
Saturdays through Thursdays
10:00 am – 08:00 pm

4 Nazih Khalifa st., from Salah Salem Road – In front of Baron Palace,
Misr El Gedida. Cairo, Egypt.

01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

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