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Welcome To Career Gates!

Fashion? Styling? Art? Color? Drawing? Interior Design? Do you love making things? These beginnings are real, true, and honest and your challenge is to follow them, to let your real interests and desires guide you. With that honesty comes success. How can you fail if you are doing what you love, what you are meant to do?

I dreamt about Career Gates Center! MSA School Of Training… a place where learning is exciting and challenging and always at the forefront of what is happening in the world. I envisioned a place where thousands of people can come to focus on and learn what they love.

The center would be imaginative, reality-based, and provide a great education. I’m living my dream. Now it’s your turn. Find out what you love. Do what you love. Your dreams are your road map. Follow them to the top of the mountain. It has the most amazing view.

Your success is our success, and our goal is to make your dream a reality. Career Gates gives you more than an education; we help you build a career.

Amr El Degwi
Founder & CEO

Our Partners

Ministry of Higher Education
HR Certification Institute
The University Of Greenwich
MSA University