Career Gates! MSA School For Training - Interior Design Diploma
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Interior Design Professional Diploma.

Diploma Overview:

The Interior Design and Decoration programs at career gates provide you with the opportunity to become an amazing Interior designer. The programs are designed to unleash your natural flair for styles and colors and your creativity, while providing you with a profound knowledge base and all the skills you will require to become a world-class Interior designer. We offer numerous programs in Interior Design and Decoration that tailor to your specific needs.

Program Outline (204 hrs.)

Studio 1 (Introduction to Design - 30 hrs):

  - Design vocabs.
  - Drafting.
  - How to read & draw interior spaces.
  - Principles of furnishing.
  - Ergonomics.
  - Designing workplace to fit the user needs.
  - Materials & Methods.
  - Suppliers' vocabs.
  - Contracting & Construction.

Studio 2 (Design tools - 30 hrs):

  - Interior coloring schemes.
  - How to choose schemes for interior spaces.
  - Principles of lighting.
  - Decorational lighting.
  - Focal points.
  - Ambiance.
  - Sketching & Perspectives.
  - Freehand drawings.
  - Scale & Proportions.

Studio 3 (Into Details - 30 hrs):

  - Technical details.
  - BOQ.
  - Specifications.
  - Contracts.
  - Floors.
  - Technical drawings.
  - Concept & Moodboards.
  - Identity.
  - Themes.
  - Retail Design.
  - Designers & Pioneers.
  - Trends.
  - Brands to follow.
  - Fashion & Passion.

Studio 4 (Towards the Past - 30 hrs):

  - Design History.
  - Classical schools.
  - Cultures.
  - Design Timeline.
  - Styles.
  - Graduation Project.

(AutoCAD Course - 24 hrs):

  - Introduction to AutoCAD.
  - How to read & draw AutoCAD 2D drawings.
  - Common & Basic tools.
  - How to draw interior spaces.
  - Printing & Presentation.
  - Project.

(Interior Design Visualization Course with Autodesk 3D'S Max & Corona - 60 hrs):

Autodesk 3D'S Max software builds to deliver state of the art tools for creative and media professionals, Developed as a total animation package with a deep , productive feature set designed to accelerate workflow, 3D'S Max is a leader in 3D animation for game development, design visualization , visual effects, and education.

This Track is designed for the candidates who interested to the essential concepts of 3D interior design. It will enable students to migrate from 2D design to 3D design and will help to create photo realistic interior 3D Shots.

3D MAX Course Outline:

*Fundamentals and Beyond
  - Introduction/About Max   -Getting started: Interface,Navigation, Transforming, Selecting, Unit Setup, Grid Setting
  - Creation: Creating objects, Modification, Cloning Essentials, Array, Max Coordinate, Systems And Snap Settings
  - Modification: Modifiers, Merge, XReference

*Advanced Features
  - Modeling And Creative Concept: Editable Poly, Mesh, Shapes, Advanced Modifiers
  - Materials And Mapping:Using: Materials Editor basics, Basic Material parameters, Adding a basic map, Bump mapping, The importance of photoshop, Specularity, Opacity mapping, HDRI, Reflection/refraction, Raytracemaps, Other types of maps and materials, UVW mapping, Multi/Sub- Object materials
  - Lighting, Global Illumination, Corona And Rendering: The Oft-Overlooked Power Of Lights, The diff. lights make, Types of lights, Light parameters, Shadows, The power of Rendering, introduction to rendering, Default scanline, rendering controls, Adjusting the rendering environment, Rendering parts of your scene
  - Cameras And Visual Effects: Camera Basics, Types Of Camera, Creating cameras from view, Lens Size, Depth Of Field, Camera navigation and animation, Realistic Sences Visual Effects


Duration & Fees.


8 Months / 204 Hrs.
Twice a week. 3 hr/class.


Registration fees: 8000 EGP
1st installment: 5000 EGP
2nd installment: 5000 EGP



Canadian Chamber of Commerce.
Career Gates & MSA University Approved by Ministry of Higher Education.

Graduation Requirements:

A minimum attendance of 80%

Tutored by:


13 El Mesaha Street Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

33371239 - 33371227
01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

Management Dep.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Days & Hours:
Saturdays through Thursdays
10:00 am – 08:00 pm

1149 El Khalili St. Masaken Sheraton - El Nozha , Misr El Gedida. Cairo, Egypt.

01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

Our Partners

Ministry of Higher Education
HR Certification Institute
The University Of Greenwich
MSA University

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