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Pattern making, Sewing & Draping Course.


Course Overview:

Participants will be introduced to Fashion Design fundamentals, pattern-making, drafting, cutting and sewing techniques in a step-by-step process. Acquire the knowledge of creating perfectly fitting pattern blocks and create your own design pieces.

For a start, learners will be shown the techniques of creating a skirt from scratch, as well as ways to liven up an existing piece. Learners will progress to blouse projects where they acquire advanced techniques of cutting and sewing through the creation of sleeves, collars and armholes in selected pieces.

Course Outline (208 Hrs. )

Pattern Making & Sewing (124 Hrs):

  2. BASIC SKIRT with one dart front and back.
  3. Transformation of skirt: flared (flared skirt – A. line- complete with seam allowances).
  4. Taking Measurements – measurements tables ( s tables- basic bodice block.
  5. Making dress block and basic sleeve block.
  6. Making of A Shirt using the blocks and adding pocket, collar, yoke, front, packet, sleeve with cuff.
  7. Making pants block and one jean.
  8. Making Jacket block and two piece tailored sleeve.
  9. Different style of jackets : finishing the pattern in full to be stitched with lining and facing.
  10. Making overcoat Design: finishing the pattern in full to stitched with lining and facing.

Draping (84 Hrs):

  1. INTRODUCTION TO MANNEQUIN: how it works and how to care BASIC SKIRT with one dart front and back.
  2. Basic Bodice.
  3. Dress: front waist dart, American armhole, flared skirt and boat.
  4. Making fitted dress with panels.
  5. Classical Tailored Jacket.
  6. Making evening wear 1ST collection garment to be stitched in fabric.
  7. Making day wear dress.

Duration: 208 hrs

Fees: EGP 12.500

Registration fees: EGP 8000
1st installment after 2 months: EGP 4500



13 El Mesaha Street Dokki. Giza, Egypt.

33371239 - 33371227
01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

Management Dep.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Work Days & Hours:
Saturdays through Thursdays
10:00 am – 08:00 pm

1149 El Khalili St. Masaken Sheraton - El Nozha , Misr El Gedida. Cairo, Egypt.

01120002100 - 01111899998 - 01001188887

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